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Digital Apparel Printers

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·          Purpose-built textile printer.

·          Consistent and superior ink flow.

·          Least maintenance in the industry.

·          Light or dark garment printing.

·          Prints on cotton, polyester, rayon, spandex...

·          Hooped or non-hooped garment loading.

·          Full ink saturation in a single print pass.

·          Vibrant colors and wash-fast.

·          Adjustable table height per garment thickness.

·          Portable & light weight; 15 minute setup.

·          Prints on a wide variety of fabrics.

·          Manufactured and supported in the USA.







Anajet Printer Model SPRINT Model SP-200(for white and dark garment printing)
 Printing Method Direct-to-Garment Inkjet Printing
 Printhead Technology Piezo-Electric Drop-on-Demand Inkjet
 Ink Delivery system Closed-Loop Ink Delivery with Bulk Ink Cartridges
 Garment thickness Adjustment Up to .8"(2.03 cm)
 Max.Image Size (Table Size) 12.5"*16.0"(31.75cm*40.64cm)
 Garment Handling Shuttling Print Table,Hooped and Non-Hoopend Operation
 Printer Size W*L*H/Weight 30.3"*32.3"*15.8"(77cm*82cm*40cm)/Approx.82 lbs(37kg)
 Ink Type Water-based ink,for direct printing
 Ink colors AnaBright Ink:CMYK+White inks ;PolyBright Ink:CMYK Inks
 Number of Ink Channels/Nozzles 8Channels ,180 Nozzles per Channel,Total of 1,440 Nozzles
 Printer Software Windows XP and Vista platform, AnaPrint Driver Program is privided with the printer.RIP program for dark garment printing is optional.
 Printabale Substrates 100% Cotton ,Cotton Blends,Polyester,Poly-cotton,Nylon,Rayon,Spandex,and others
 Maintenance Auto Maintenance Setting;Plus Regular Manual Maintenance
 Operating System Requirements Windows XP or Vista (or a Mac running Bootcamp or emulation software)
 Environment(Operating) 61 F(16 C) to 95 F (35 C);Humidity 45-80% RH ,Non-condensing
 Interface USB 2.0
 Power Consumption 65VA (average active),15VA(idling)
 Printing Resolution 720*720 dpi (normal);720*1, 440 dpi (fine); 1, 440*1, 440 dpi (super fine)
 Power Supply AC 115V 50/60 HZ (US); AC 220V 50 HZ (Europe and other)

·          The fastest digital apparel printer in its class

·          Industrial print head technology

·           High capacity for production environments

·           Reliable dark & light garment printing

·           Purpose-built for garment printing, not “modified”




 mPower mP5              |              mPower mP10    

 Print table/maximum image area


 Print head technology

 Industrial grad piexo-electric drop-on-demand inkjet

 Ink channels: CMYK and white,nozzles channel                                         6/192                                |                         12/192

 Typical print speed,12"*14"graphic,white garment,default settings

                                     68 seconds                           |                       34 seconds
 Resolution settings

 300,600(standard),1200 dpi


 powerBRIGHT water-based pigmented CMYK & whtte inks

 Ink delivery system

 Advanced closed-loop delivery system;ink recirculation system for all channels

 Drop size range

 7-35 picoliters

 Printable substrates

 100% cotton and cotton blends

 Table height adjustment

 automatic sensor adjusts table height for media up to 3.0"/7.6cm thich Manual table height adjustment 0.0" to 3.0"/7.6cm

 Maintenance features

 Auto ink maintenance system,3 levels of automated print head cleaning for maintenance clogs ,power purge system to help fill and remove ink from system

 Operating environment

 61 F/16 C to 95 F/35 C,Humidity 45-80% RH,non-condensing


 USB 2.0 and Ethernet;supports USB srive and SD memory card upload

 Required operating system

 windows XP/Vista/7

 Required graphics application

 Any windows-compliant graphic software

 Supported file types


 Electrical requirements

 110/240VAC50~60HZ,1.2A max


 19.8"H*42.3"L*44"W          50.3cm*107.4cm*111.8cm








There's no reason to stop at textiles; the AnaJet mPower also prints on wood, glass, tile and other flat surfaces.

You'll be able to print wood plaques, personalized tiles,

 glass artwork and more as easily as printing a standard t-shirt.

With the included specialized coating gel, the possibilities are endless in personalizing

any special occasion gift item.

These truely unique items will sell for much higher prices.


 ART print

AnaJet's ARTprint package option allows you to reproduce fine art on artists' canvas.

 Apply the ARTprint Texture Coat protective finish to create the look and feel of a real oil painting.

Turn class photos or favorite portraits into fine works of art.

 Capture those special moments like weddings and anniversaries to create a treasurable product offerring.

With the m Power's ability to print 16.8 million digital colors, your photos will look stunning and intrue-color.

Only digital printing technology can deliver  the high quality detailed printing capabilities you need to produce

full color photos as fine art or on garments.


 METAL foil

Create shirts that really sparkle with AnaJet's METAL foil printing capabilities!

Foil application is simple and cost effective, and the end result is dazzling

garments that will impress customers. AnaJet's METAL foil is slightly transparent so the printed

 ink color underneath the foil will show through, creating colorful and shiny

 graphics that can sell for much higher prices.

With four colors to choose from, the creativity is unlimited.


 3D effects

The versatile AnaJet mPower can print images that come alive

when viewed through appropriate 3D glasses.It's a simple as applying a unique

color spectrum to your image according to the easy-to-follow instructions

 and training you'll receive from AnaJet's Application's Department.

As promotional items or as a fun alternative to traditional digital graphic prints,

 AnaJet's 3D printing capabilities take it to the next level

 allowing you to expand your product line in ways never thought possible.


 PHOTO shirts







 take the






      print             heat press



Print high quality photos directly onto shirts, tote bags, baby onesies and other items with AnaJet's

PHOTOshirts package option.With the mPower's ability to print 16.8

million digital colors, your photos will look stunning and true-color. Only digital printingun

 technology can deliver the printing capabilities you need to produce full color photos on garments.




Customized promotional products are hot ticket items for businesses, corporate team building, clubs, schools, sports leagues and various other organizations.With the AnaJet mPower, you'll be printing custom promotional

 t-shirts, mouse pads, golf towels, koozies, aprons and more in just minutes.With profitable small-run capabilities and a quick turnaround time,

 digital printing is the perfect tool for selling promotional products.




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